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KIN-BALL® sport

KIN-BALL® sport promotes important social values for societies. These values are :

This value is integrated in the rules of the sport. A star player can shine among others but to do so but won’t be able to achieve it without the support of others.
This is the value that represents KIN-BALL® sport best. The rules are made in a way there is no place for criticisms and disrespectful behaviors. Everyone has its role to play, referees are refereeing, players are playing and coaches are coaching.
KIN-BALL® sport is distinguished from other sport by its ease of learning. In fact, the participant beginning the practice of the activity doesn’t need to have elaborated sport experience to practice it. Not only will it be able to play but also to enjoy rapidly.
  • Eliminate individualism playing a sport that carries the team spirit and cooperation values.
  • Establish respect for others.
  • Promote integration within a team.
  • Stimulate social & cognitive development.
  • Develop physical and mental abilities.
  • Establish a safe and non-violent environment and non-violent.
  • Allow participants to practice a healthy and fun physical activity.
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